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International Arabic Union
To listen to one another.
Talk to one another.
Act together.


Welcome to the initiative International Arabic Union (IAU)
- Joining Communities Within and Outside the Arabic World -

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many modern social, economic and political achievements have their beginnings in the Orient.

Nowadays, economic globalisation has become a historical process, exercising its influence equally on both East and West. But only where globalisation does not neglect to respect the features particular to a country, such as its sovereignty, autonomy and independence, whilst simultaneously promoting and protecting the integrity of the nation as a whole, can it as a product of human innovation and technological advance prove itself capable of actively, meaningfully and responsibly contributing to civil, social and economic processes.
To strengthen sovereignty, autonomy and independence whilst supporting the nation as a whole, is also a task which the IAU, free and politically united, wants to take on, especially with regard to the integration of Iraq in the world economy. After years of oppression and lack of liberty the people must finally be given their chance, in spite of all present difficulties, to look forward to a future of peace and freedom. We must, therefore, do our utmost to seize this opportunity. The people in power must act together with the ordinary people of Iraq in their sovereignty, autonomy and independence to bring down the wall that presently holds them in isolation from the world.
God knows there is still much to be done, we need determination to rebuild, and we need the energy and commitment that countless numbers of Iraqi people are keen to show day by day. But this energy also needs an anchor, it must be able to renew itself, it needs orientation, standards of quality and occasionally even consolation. All these are to be found with the IAU.
In conclusion, I would like to thank all of the organisations and institutions, companies and people in the community, politics and business who have shown so much willingness to give us their backing. By giving their support they are contributing, through close collaboration with the United Nations, the European Union and the Arab League, to the advancement of the cause of Iraq’s re-integration into the international community after the years of oppression and denial of liberties suffered by the Iraqi people. 
I am grateful to the many friends and supporters of Iraq and the Arab countries whose commitment is so crucial to the IAU.

The President
Abdul Tawab Mullah Hwaish

International Arabic Union
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International Arabic Union